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FAQs - Learn More about the PKB

What is the PKB?  

The PKB is the first functional, durable and highly portable sandbag-meets-kettlebell.   It is an easy-to-fill (no zippers or velcro!), versatile and soft kettlebell training solution for home, the gym and on-the-go.

Fill it with sand, water, gravel, wet dirt, dry rice... with weights ranging from 0 to 45lbs (0-21kg) using sand.  When finished, empty it out and the PKB weighs less than 12 oz - ready to travel anywhere with you!


How to fill the PKB?  

It's best if you keep your PKB™ filled to ¾ capacity or greater during explosive movements, such as the Clean or Snatch.   Each PKB™ can hold more than the recommended dry sand weight, although we recommend you stick close to the recommended weight capacity.


What can I use to fill my PKB™?
Fill it with sand, water, dirt or rocks and workout with weights ranging from 0 to 45 lbs. Please note that when using water, YOU MUST HAVE A TANK WATER BLADDER.  DO NOT FILL THE PKB™ DIRECTLY WITH WATER.



Does my PKB™ come filled?
No, your PKB™ will ship empty.  That's part of the cool factor! It shows up on your doorstep weighing less than 12 oz (saving you a ton on SHIPPING!) and is ready to go.


I live outside of the United States, are Customs charges included in the retail price or do I pay them upon delivery?
Customs charges are not included in the retail price.  You will need to pay these when your order arrives. Custom charges are what you country charges for imported items, like tax, based on the value of your purchase.

But because we love our customers world-wide, we are offering flat rate shipping, REGARDLESS of where you live!  We're loosing money on the shipping but we want to make it as affordable as possible to get your hands on a PKB :)

Some examples of approximate customs charges are:

  • U.K. - 20%
  • Australia - 0%-15% (depending on value of your order)
  • India - 30%


What does unstable-load mean?  

Unstable-load refers to the shifting of weight inherent with sand or water-based training tools. The unstable characteristics of sand or water combined with the slack of the PKB webbing-strap handle result in a noticeable shifting of weight as you progress through various exercises, recruiting stabilizer muscles in your body.  

Not only do you have to lift the weight, you're body also has to properly stabilize it!