Are You Eating Right?

November 12, 2013

Great question.  Something most of us could use help with every now and then, specially when time runs short and cooking or grocery shopping just doesn't make it on the schedule.

I've been there.  Honestly, I've been letting myself slip.  Although I usually avoid and often don't crave fast food or high-carb meal alternatives.  But my weakness... oh, my kryptonite... is pizza.  Particularly when I DO let a busy schedule get away from me and eating a home-cooked / pre-cooked meal just isn't an option.  

It only takes once or twice of the pizza-slip, and the inevitable heart-burn of TOO MUCH cheese and dough to cure any future (non-cheat-day) slip-ups from happening -  ever again.   

Motivated to discover a solution to better meal planning and preparation, I attended a nutrition seminar a couple of weeks ago hosted by Naturally Fit of Austin.  

The event covered everything from a Meal Planning guide and template, to shopping list and sample recipes.


I also got to sample yummy treats prepared by the locally owned and operated Studio Kitchen.  These folks will literally prepare and deliver 3 meals a day for daily, weekly and month-long meal plans that most people can afford - about $5-$7 dollars per serving depending on what you order.  Not bad for gluten-free, paleo meal options :)

Tupperwear hosted a portion of the event, so we were led through a series of products they make specifically to store your veggies and prepared meals while minimizing waste - like spinach-gone-bad after a 4-5 days in the back of the bottom shelf of your fridge, in a plastic bag :/

The take-away was that you DON'T have to sacrifice a good diet - heck, even a great diet - if you have a busy schedule during the week.  NOTE: And I don't necessarily mean diet here as in a weight-loss plan.  I mean diet as in simply healthy-eating.

All you need is a little discipline in preparing your meal-plan and some good ideas on what foods to focus on.  

Feel free to also reach-out to Naturally Fit.  No, you don't have to buy any of "their supplements" or sign-up to be a member.  They don't sell supplements.  That's what I found to be particularly unique about their nutrition services.  They just help people on an individual basis discover what foods they should incorporate more of, and less of, in their diet in order to meet their desired health and fitness goals.

Check 'em out :)

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