"Never Quit" Blog Series

Ever wanted to give up?  Felt like nothing seemed to be going your way?

What did you do?

Our Never Quit blog series tells the stories of how some of our PKB users and social media family confronted the urge to quit - and succeeded.  Designed to share, inspire and motivate, I hope you find this series to be a useful outlet with practical tips on what you can do to overcome the sometimes overwhelming urge to quit.

Kettlebell Sandbags was founded with a Never Quit attitude.  It wouldn't exist without it.  Pass it on :)


Read our latest posts:

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Have a tale of unsurmountable odds you'd like to share?  We want to hear FROM YOU!  

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Before you go, this is the BEST video I've ever seen on keeping the NQ attitude going.  Check it out.  Memorize it.  It will change your LIFE!