Photo-shoot, Spiffy Specs Sheet and more

February 27, 2013

PKB Ballistic Nylon

We just wrapped up a long-awaited photo shoot with RatedRXWear's Rob Bodine.  Shot along the beach within rock's throw of the Oceanside pier, we put several Kettle Bell Sandbags through the motions.  We packed them with sand, stones, chains... 

 kettle bell sandbag in chains                            kettle bell sandbag with stones, gravel


Part of our mission was to finalize a clean and tidy spec sheet of the PKB highlighting key features, from the 1050D Ballistic Nylon solid-panel construction to the Lifetime Warranty on the grips and wide-mouth design for easy loading.


kettle bell sandbag key features


Next up, we're working to get in with Camp Pendleton's fitness center and procurement division.  Trying to be as unbiased as I can, I know that 9 out of 10 Marines that activitly train with iron kettle bells would love to get their hands on a PKB while on deployment or the field.  Here's what Josh, a US Marine and Personal Trainer has to say about the PKB:



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