How Much Weight Can the PKB Carry?

January 21, 2013

Each bag has sufficient volume to pack the following weight in dry sand:
- Regular PKB: 15 - 25lbs 
- Large PKB: 30-40lbs
Regardless of the filler you use, it is important to fill each bag to at least 3/4 of capacity - anything below that and the functionality during any swinging movement will be less than optimal.  
In terms of weight... I've filled the Smaller PKB to nearly 35lbs using wet sand and pebbles.  The Larger PKB close to 50lbs.   
What is the max weight capability?  Each PKB is supported by two 1 1/2 inch webbing straps in a cross pattern.  Each strap is rated at 2,000 lbs in tensile strength.   
I'm going to fill the smaller PKB with buckshot next.   I'll let you know ; )