The Portable Kettle Bell Sandbag On the Go

November 07, 2012

If the Portable Kettle Bell (PKB) could talk, it would say, "let's go!"  Maybe it should be called the Go Kettle Bell, or just - Take Me! 

The PKB is also MORE than just a kettle bell replacement.  Way more.  You can practices Slasher movements and develop your grip, use one to hold your feet down while you Overhead Sit-up with another, use it as a stuff sack when empty...


They're also fun to just look at.  Ask my Germans Shepherd.  I know he wishes he could pick one up and learn the PKB Swing or practice the Turkish Getup without fear of dropping an iron kettle bell on his head.   

If you haven't ordered one, stop by our store and check one out.  There is FREE SHIPPING on the larger capacity PKB (40lb) thru Sunday, November 25th.  We also always appreciate your feedback :)  If you've already taken one to the beach, or discovered new and fun ways to train with the PKB that we haven't yet published - let us know!   

We're a young company and excited about growing within the outdoor fitness crowd!   All that we accomplish is because of you, the athletically motivated and outdoor-bound people you are!   

Don't forget, check out our store and take advantage of free shipping on the 30-40lb PKB [Already Expired]!