What is your WHY?

August 30, 2017

In my humble opinion, motivation has a shelf-life of about 35 seconds. In other words, motivation is often used as a catch-all for impulsive action. I didn't workout today because I wasn’t feeling motivated. Or I was feeling motivated this morning so I went for a run.

I rarely hear from a top performer the use of the word motivated. Instead, I hear Driven, Inspired, Lazy (if they’re honest), Passionate, Crazy… 

Top performers have their reasons and excuses put up on a shelf for someone else “less motivated” to take down and use. Performers have their Why right in front of them and don’t lose sight of it.

By now you might be wondering, Robert, what the heck are you getting at?  I want you to ask yourself, what is the why behind your fitness goals?

Why do you get up at 4 a.m. to train versus hitting the snooze button and leave your workout partner to train by themselves?

What gets you through those inevitable plateaus and nagging injuries?

Is it to look better naked, or perhaps something more? 

Is your why to be able to say, “I do __________ (fill in the blank: Crossfit, Kettlebells, Triathlons, Spartan Racing).” 

Or is it, I do Crossfit because I was 50lbs overweight and couldn’t play with my grandkids without hurting my back, or I run Spartan Races because I want to inspire young women and show them that with a lot of hard work they too can empower themselves to be strong women!

Here are my tips to finding your why? 

It’s called the 3 Why drill. Ask yourself (or someone else) why 3 times. For example, say you want to back squat double your bodyweight by next month.

Why #1: Because I want big legs.

Why #2: Because I don’t want to have chicken legs.

Why #3: Because my girlfriend makes fun of me.

You get the picture.

PKB: 2016 “The Traveling Man’s Essential Fitness Equipment” - Men’s Health


Another example, why am I writing about knowing your “why?”

I want everyone to live a life of purpose.

I want everyone to be connected to why the heck they are or are not doing what matters most.

I want people to have answers to questions like: Why aren’t you following your dreams? Why haven’t you lost those 10 pounds you gained last Christmas. Why do you keep flaking on your workout partner? Why aren’t you public speaking and mentoring young athletes around the world? Why are you still “working” for a living and not enjoying time with those who mean the world to you?

Since this is a training article, here is your workout:

  • Lift something heavy for 10 repetitions then run around the block for 5 rounds.
  • While you are out there running your butt off, discover YOUR why.
  • Then share it with someone who thinks way more of you than you do of yourself.

 3-2-1 GO!!



Robert is a former RKC and Strong First Team Leader. He’s the creator of “Kettlebells at 10,000ft” video workout series and Kettlebell Training: The Basics (Apple App). You can reach Robert at robert@kbinstructor.com

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