Rob's Tips to Goal Setting

Rob's Tips to Goal Setting

LIfe's too short!  Don't waste time on things that don't matter!  What am I talking about??  Answer me this:

  1. What are your 3-month, 6-month and 1-year goals? These could cover anything from personal to professional goals.
  2. What is the biggest excuse you let get in the way of going after your goals, a.k.a. your Trump Card? This could be time, money, or even a conversation you may be having with yourself about you not being good enough, or it's too hard. Be honest. Mine is, I don't know how.

Now think about how you spend however much, or little time and money you have. Are they going towards achieving your goals or pulling out your Trump card?  

Once again, be honest.  And don't feel bad if you're not applying your most valuable resources as well as you'd like towards reaching your goals.  In my experience, most people don't (myself included).

The important thing here is to be honest.  Because once we know where we stand, we can map the way to where we're going.  Are you with me?! 

For example, an on-going goal for myself is to eat the foods that best align with how I want to feel and look. Eating popcorn, Tam Tam’s (from New Zealand) and wine are probably not my best options.  But there you have it, they're on the menu more often than not!

I am sharing this particular goal of mine because 90% of the people I interact with have similar goals to look and feel better, AND I KNOW what they eat is not getting them any closer to those goal.

What about you? If your goal is to have a diet that keeps you looking and feeling healthy, then keep a record of what you eat and how you feel - every day.  Don't sorta guess and think you know.  KNOW!  

Another goal of mine is to be able to complete a handstand from a sitting position on the floor (straddle sit) and press myself up, then return to a seated position. I have had this goal for 2 years! 

I half hearted began to train towards this, focusing on different pieces of the movement. Then frustration permanently set in and I stopped. I still have this goal but now I am taking ZERO actions towards achieve this goal. I KNOW this, but I'm not DOING anything about it - yet.  

What about you? What is your #1 goal in training? Staying fit is too ambiguous.  You gotta be specific:

  • Run 100m in 15 seconds
  • Deadlift double your bodyweight
  • Touch your palms on the floor in a forward bend
  • Complete 150 Kettlebell Snatches with the 32Kg bell in 5 minutes (this was a goal of mine I've since accomplished :)

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Now that the juices are flowing, write your SPECIFIC goals and post them where you can see them EVERY day.

Fall and winter are fast approaching.  Before you know it, 2018 will be rearing it's head!  A year from now, you'll be glad you started today. This reminds me of a quote used by a Navy SEAL training buddy: do today what others won't, do tomorrow what others can't.  Make sense?

Now DO IT!


Robert is a former RKC and Strong First Team Leader. He’s the creator of “Kettlebells at 10,000ft” video workout series and Kettlebell Training: The Basics (Apple App). You can reach Robert at


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