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May 28, 2018

I used to hate tests when I was in school. I would consider tests a way for the teacher to prove to me how much I didn’t know rather than to see how much I did know. Now, 35 years later, I have finally gotten over that and can see how important and relevant testing can be.

I LOVE BEING TESTED!!! and I mean it. It really is a time to see what is missing in either my knowledge of a certain subject or what is missing in my athletic/fitness programing. I consider myself a pretty good programer, actually one of the best, so testing myself only shows where I have missed in the program and what I get to add in the coming weeks or months.

Tests can also serve as Benchmarks. Crossfit has a ton of these workouts and most of them are named after women: Nancy, Fran, Cindy, etc. Also Hero WODs like Murph. These are workouts where the trainee can post a time and a couple months later (or more depending on the Coach) do the WOD again and compare times and weight being used.

It is a great way to track progress. It isn’t perfect science but it gets the job done to motivate and fuel our competitive fires!

Below are a couple of “Testers” you may want to take on to check your fitness levels at different times of the year. I love testing myself with a couple of Benchmark workouts that I keep around. These are two that I know you will love to hate ;)

5 Rounds For Time Of:

  • 500m bike or run
  • 15 Sit-Ups with PKB (hug the bag to your chest)
  • 12 Walking Lunges: 3 different ways to hold the PKB: hug a bag to your chest, carry one bag in each hand, carry one bag for 30 yards then switch hands for 30 more yards
  • 10 Push-Ups


4 Rounds For Time Of:

  • 350m row or run
  • 12 Burpee Sumo Dead-Lift High-Pull to Pull-Ups: stand under a pull up bar with a PKB between your feet. Do one SDHP to a Burpee then jump to a pull up.
  • 8 Wall Walk to a PKB swing: set a PKB body length from the wall, do a wall walk, stand up and do 1 swing = 1 rep

This should keep you busy for a while!! Remember to push yourself, yet still have fun (do in a group), and be safe (live to see another “Test”). A great way to mimic what Crossfit has done so well in creating community is to do these workouts, post your time and weight used and blast it on the Social Networks for your friends to try. They will love you for it!!



Robert is a former RKC and Strong First Team Leader. He’s the creator of “Kettlebells at 10,000ft” video workout series and Kettlebell Training: The Basics (Apple App). You can reach Robert at robert@kbinstructor.com

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