Snatch, over-head squat and press

April 28, 2018

This PKB complex will warm you up fast. Try it with a slightly heavier weight for a workout.

The complex consists of 1 Snatch, 1 Over-head Squat, and 1 Press.

Use a light PKB and complete 1 complex on each side, then 2 complexes, then 3. Repeat 3x for a warm up.

For a workout, see how many you can do in 5 minutes without setting the kettlebell down, switch as often as you need. If you need a modification for the overhead squat, you can do a front rack squat or set the kettlebell on your shoulder.

Check-out the video below. Please share how many you did and what weight you used!

The Snatch


The Over-head Squat


The Press




Audrey is an ISSA, USAKL and Crossfit Level 1 certified fitness trainer specializing in kettlebells.  She's developed group and personalized training programs for children and adults in weightlifting technique, kettlebell lifting & kettlebell sport. She's all about helping people not only reach their physical training goals but mental and emotional as well. Body-wellness is a key ingredient towards a healthier and happier you. You can find her on Instagram @audreyburgio. 

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