New Portable Kettlebell Product Review by Fit Life Therapy

June 17, 2017

The PKB Lite was used in the review: SHOP NOW

Just got my hands on the newest version of the Portable Kettlebell! I have an older version, so I am excited to see how the design has improved.

The most noticeable differences are the handle, the dust-proof liner and the new 1000D cordura material. The new handle is solid and rotates easily about the nylon straps. The old handle is rubber and has the tendency to conform to the hand, especially when the PKB is loaded to max capacity.

I think the rubber handle allows for more stability overhead, but if you enjoy the wobble of odd objects overhead, you'll like the new solid handle. The solid handle contributes to a more challenging overhead lockout. 

The new material on the new PKB is uber tight! As you probably know, one of the downsides to training with any kind of sandbag is the occasional poof of dust.  This new material with the dust-proof liner does a great job.  Not that the original was messy in any way, but it's nice to know there's an extra layer between your filler and the body of the bag. 

After doing a few moves with both PKBs, I gotta say, the overall feel of the new PKB design is just as awesome as my older version.




Author bio: Jen Yao is a ranked sports kettlebell athlete, coach and founder of Fit Life Therapy, specializing in Active Release Techniques therapy and mobility training.

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