In Honor of the Combat Ready Women

In Honor of the Combat Ready Women

In honor of all the tough women of the U.S. military, this workout is Full Body focused by design to debunk the myth that women are weaker than men.

I have come across many tough women through the years in Powerlifting and then again while Instructing at the RKC and Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Certifications.

I personally believe that women are likely even tougher than men. I know, controversial. Maybe it's just me. One huge point to consider, making the woman one tough cookie, is child-birth. All it takes is a bad cold, and I am the grouchiest baby this side of the Mississippi!

So without crushing the male ego to hard, here is a workout to challenge your entire body:

Start with finding a low wall or fence and jumping over it as you would in an obstacle race.

For a warm up, do these to a Tabata timer: 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds rest, for 3-4 minutes = warmed up!


Next is the Buddy Carry. Just as it sounds, find a friend and carry them for distance or for time.


There is nothing like good ol’ fashion Rucking. Grab a backpack, throw a PKB in it and go for a hike... up a hill... in the snow - you get the picture!


On average a hose bundle weighs-in at 100lbs. Where to find some? Ask your local fire department if they have any they're going to dispose of.

Workouts range from hoisting it, shoulder and carry for distance, squats, runs etc.

Now go pick up a hose bundle and carry it for time or distance. It is an odd shape and heavy, two things that make this a “functional” exercise :)


Lastly, outfit yourself with a gun belt, bullet proof vest, boots, long pants and shirt, multiple ammunition clips, and go for a run.

I mean the kind of run where you have to catch someone not the kind where you can listen to your favorite Justin Timberlake tune (I am a fan too so I know!).

This article is meant to inspire those who think they are tough or aspire to be tough and to honor those women who are ACTUALLY tough.

Thank you for your service!



Robert is a former RKC and Strong First Team Leader. He’s the creator of “Kettlebells at 10,000ft” video workout series and Kettlebell Training: The Basics (Apple App). You can reach Robert at


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