How to deal with setbacks

April 05, 2018

Disappointment can come in many ways:

  • Losing a contest
  • Not get the numbers you wanted at your competition
  • Making a decision that hurt you or others
  • Not receiving that promotion

No matter what or where the disappointment comes from, how you move on will determine how you grow!

Here are 5 ways I've used to deal with disappointment in a positive way. Kind'a like making lemonade. Use all or however many apply. Hope they help and please feel free to share below or find me in social media (links below).

1. Give 100% effort. Always give everything you have, you will never be wondering if you could have done more. You KNOW you did everything you could and that alone is an amazing feeling.

2. Focus on what you’ve accomplished. Do not get stuck on all the things you could have and should have done. Look at all the things you DID do. Show a little compassion and love for yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are.

3. Look at your positive attributes. Reflect on the things that brought you closer to your goal even if you didn't achieve it.

Did you get out of your comfort zone? Did you push yourself harder than you thought you could? What things kept you from quitting?

Use the power of “I AM” and say a few things to yourself about yourself!

4. Find out what letting go can create space for.  Think about what new things can now come your way. This opportunity, or the timing of the opportunity, wasn’t the right fit for you. The sooner you let go, and the sooner you quit focusing on the past, the sooner you can see all that is possible.

5. Be patient. Not all positive things can be realized immediately. Just trust you are on the right path!



Audrey is an ISSA, USAKL and Crossfit Level 1 certified fitness trainer specializing in kettlebells.  She's developed group and personalized training programs for children and adults in weightlifting technique, kettlebell lifting & kettlebell sport. She's all about helping people not only reach their physical training goals but mental and emotional as well. Body-wellness is a key ingredient towards a healthier and happier you. You can find her on Instagram @audreyburgio. 

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