Never Quit: From obese and unhealthy to lean and mean

July 17, 2013 2 Comments

Our first post in the Never Quit blog series comes from Ralph P. who suffered a stroke more than a year ago.  

His bodyweight skyrocketed to over 300 pounds while his overall health began to deteriorate very quickly.  How did he go from barely climbing stairs to losing 140 pounds and several times a week completing the often grueling SEALFIT Operator WODs.

PKB: You've made great leaps in your health, tell us about where you were at your lowest.

Ralph: Well, at my lowest point I was 340 lbs. Physically I was unable to walk-up 15 stairs without having chest pains and being so short of breath that I couldn't speak. Mentally, I was very depressed because I knew where I was before I had a stroke: I was running 10 miles a day and biking 30-35 miles a day. I weighed 170 pounds.

After my stroke, I literally doubled my body weight. Spiritually I was in still in a healthy place. If one of those three areas is out of balance, life is out of balance. I was facing two areas.

PKB: What prompted you to change? Motivation?

Ralph: My motivation was three-fold. First, I needed my life back in balance. It was imperative that I get back into shape so I could care for my family. Second, I was motivated by a very dear pastor friend of mine, Dr. James White. He had lost a lot of weight through cycling. Third, I was provided a huge boost in motivation by David Rutherford, a former Navy SEAL who owns and operates Team Frog Logic.

PKB: How did you begin the process of change?

Ralph: I began the process by researching what programs would be most effective for me where I was at physically. I had heard about Crossfit and while researching that program I found SEALFIT.

SEALFIT is a program developed by retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine. I used to do SEAL PT back in the 1990's and felt prepared mentally for the challenge of SEALFIT! Coach Divine teaches that your body is capable of 20x times more than you think you can. Seeing where I was physically, I wanted to test that theory.

PKB: Where are you now in your training?

Ralph: I am now in the best shape of my life. I started out slowly with "Eight Weeks To SEALFIT" by Mark Divine. He immerses you into an Unbeatable Mindset. I also discovered the Paleo Diet/Lifestyle. When I trained hard in the past, my diet was always lacking. But now with Paleo and SEALFIT, I have lost 140 lbs as of today!

I train 6 days a week, doing SEALFIT, along with cycling, running, and ruck hiking. I use the PKB Kettlebell sandbags whenever the SEALFIT WODs call for Kettlebell exercises.  My waist size dropped from a 46" waist to a 34". All of this has been accomplished in less than one year. 

PKB:What is your biggest lesson learned?

Ralph: Simple: it is about living the Team Life. Without a group of like minded individuals to motivate and support you, it is impossible to accomplish your goals. You can't do it alone. I always say, "It's all about TEAM!"


Thanks Ralph!


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September 16, 2013

Great story and great job finishing the GRC.


July 25, 2013

Holy ish Ralph!!!! Never knew The whole story. Bravo Zulu Brother, Bravo Zulu!!

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