Kettlebell Sandbags Makes it to Remote Outpost in Afghanistan

June 05, 2013 1 Comment



Below is an excerpt from an e-mail we received from a U.S. Army Commander in Afghanistan:

"I am a Company Commander in Afghanistan currently running a truly auster outpost in support of retrograde operations. My Company is huge into crossfit and have to make our fitness equipment out of what we can find, some of my guys are very creative.

I saw your kettle bell sandbags and thought my men would love them. They are alot better than ammo can and breaking sand bags. If you could donate a few to us we would be grateful."

Thanks to the additional support of a couple individuals we were able to ship some PKBs out to these men!


After a few workouts, we're very pleased to say the verdict was: 

"The PKB is very well constructed and most importantly to us, very light!"

- Capt. W. Shields, U.S. Army

Portable Kettlebells is grateful for the opportunity to serve the combat athlete around the globe.  We honestly wouldn't have made it through our first year without the unique needs and wants of such a group who truly values functional, durable, multiple-use and lightweight.  

PKB proudly honors all active and retired military who have done so with valor, courage, patience and above all - Never Giving Up.  


Nice bicep curl!


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