Kettle Bell Sandbag Makes it to Regional CrossFit-style Competition

We just wrapped up our first CrossFit competition participating as an equipment sponsor for the NLI Dynasty Series II at Cal State Long Beach.  I was approached by promoters Aimee and Lamar of Legendary Competitor back in February about providing sandbags for the event.  In return, I could spend the day watching hundreds - literally - of competitors wielding the PKB.  One of my most memorable days in a long time ; )

Some were nervous about how to handle this new tool, others confident it was no big thing, and most were down-right unafraid to tackle a fairly challenging event with the first ever, Kettle Bell Sandbag.   

PKB at NLI event

For many, the benefits of using a sand-based tool as a kettle bell substitute seemed intuitive: it moves well, doesn't bruise the forearm, can be dropped to the ground without major consequences to your foot or kettle bell and if you've never heard of stabilzer muscles - you have now!  

Any weight that can shift, like a sandbag, adds the element of instability to any movement.  This forces your body to respond with stabilizer muscles in order stead the weight.  Hence, a 30 pound kettle bell sandbag will probably feel as taxing to snatch, swing or press as a 35-40 pound iron kettle bell.  

But what do I know - you be the judge!  Call me, stop by the website or just ask your parents, partner or best friend to get you one.  If you don't like it within 30 days of purchase - I promise you your money back, no questions asked :)



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