Thank You!


February 21, 2013

I want to say "thank you" to all of our early adopters.  The "trail blazers", athletes, coaches and trainers that continue to find sand  a fun medium to play with, whether in a box or as in our case - a ballistic nylon bag... with webbing and a handle! 

I have something special in store for you.  A top request over the past few months.  

It's a surprise that we hope to unveil in time for Spring. 

It has to do with putting something other than sand, dirt, rocks... inside your PKBs.  Something that doesn't require going to the beach, park or hardware store (although, why give-up a good excuse to go outside?!).

This something, well, ahhem, may just be as simple as turning the tap on the kitchen sink - there, I've said enough!

Details to follow.  

In the meantime, keep training, exploring and using the hell out of your Portable Kettle Bell sandbags:

- Swing 'em

- Press 'em

- Grip 'em

- Then sit on one when you're done : )



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