Do or Do Not. There is No Try.

January 27, 2013 1 Comment

From less than Zero to more than I could imagine.  I am so grateful and honored to be able to provide so many people with an effective solution to kettlebell sandbag training.  Getting to this point was not Easy.  Not even close.  

I'd like to share with you a brief and personal glimpse of what it took to make the Portable Kettlebell Sandbag™ (PKB™) a reality, and what this simple yet amazingly portable, functional and durable training tool represents to me. 

After relocating to California in 2010, the day of the big Easter Holiday earthquake, my wife and I lost our savings during the May Flash Crash on a margin call, I acquired and lost a part-time job, and launched a start-up that eventually folded (my two co-founders resigned after 3 months… they were the developers) – all in under 18 months. And what was the frosting on such a marvelous serving of holy shit, you might ask? My wife of seven years decided it was go-time.

As the saying goes, I began the following year with a long and hard look at myself. How did I get to be where I was, from sleeping in my car and a buddy’s airplane hangar to random hotels and motels. Was I a bad person? Incompetent? Did I take my marriage for granted? No, no and no. I’m not perfect, not by a stretch, but I gave myself the opportunity to make things right. To learn from my mistakes and misfortunes. To get up and move on.

This is the mentality that bore Portable Kettlebell Sandbags™, a mentality nurtured by a community of friends and family that decided to hang on with me for the ride and never give up. Never. And this experience and resulting outlook on life is what I dedicate myself to giving back. Even if it’s through something as simple and practical as the PKB™.

There is an old saying once proclaimed by a master of the Jedi heritage that comes to mind when negativity or fear threatens to impose its will on me, ”DO or DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY.”

I do. Do you?

Feel free to read more about my story via my blog.  And I invite you join us on Twitter and Facebook where you are always welcome to share where the PKB™ has taken you and your workouts.   

Hope to see you there!

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katie liburd
katie liburd

December 17, 2013

Had a blast today showcasing your fabulous idea. Came to check your website out. I’m going to post a link to my Facebook page Beyond Measure Wellness so others can check this out. Feel free to follow me as well

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