5-Minute PKB Warm-up Routine

December 24, 2015

Why warm up?

Your muscles, joints and ligaments need a little blood flow before being used at full capacity.  This helps us avoid injury, feel better and move more efficiently and effectively while training.   

So here's a recent video we filmed featuring IKFL sport kettlebell lifting champ Audrey Burgio to demo one of our FAVORITE PKB warm-ups.  Try it before a run or incorporate it into your typical training routine.  Let us know what you think!

The PKB is soft, weight adjustable and highly functional - the ideal warm-up partner! 

Audrey is an ISSA, USAKL and Crossfit Level 1 certified fitness trainer specializing in kettlebells.  She's developed group and personalized training programs for children and adults in weightlifting technique, kettlebell lifting & kettlebell sport. She's all about helping people not only reach their physical training goals but mental and emotional as well. Body-wellness is a key ingredient towards a healthier and happier you.

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