Portable Fitness Equipment

August 30, 2015

Portable Kettlebells, believe it or not, is about more than kettlebells ;)

We’re committed to bringing you functional, durable and portable training equipment to complement the PKB. And because we want YOU to have a voice in the process, here’s a really quick survey on some EXCITING prospects for portable gear under development/ testing/ consideration.

Tell us what you think!

Just click on the survey link and share your thoughts on what would be the coolest equipment to have with you, while traveling - whether for work or pleasure or both!

Because some of this stuff is kind’a hush-hush, the survey link will only be valid for 48 hours! Yes, and it’s only being emailed to our highly valued subscriber-base. So click the link before you can even say, “another survey…”

Just do it!  Share your ideas.  And we’ll include a special discount JUST FOR YOU when this equipment is released! Be sure to include your email in the survey.

CLICK HERE to go to Survey.

Very gratefully,

Team PKB

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