4 Tips to measure progress at the gym and stick with it

March 07, 2018

Below are my 4 tips for measuring progress. This will be a HUGE help in keeping you motivated!

FIRST, forget the scale! Unless you’re training for a competition that requires your weight, there is no reason for it! Listen, I’m not saying that if you’re goal is weight-loss to forget about weight-loss.

What I am saying is that weight-loss is what happens when you focus on movement, versus sitting all day AND effective movement that changes your body composition from useless fat to muscle. The fact of the matter is that the scale has very little to do with this.

SECOND, take weekly pictures of your progress. Four photos each week around the same day and time should do the trick. Photograph your front, back, and each side.

Seeing changes will help you stay motivated. The most significant changes are realized after about 3-6 weeks of consistent effort. Not after the first workout. So, don't give up! 

THIRD, measure your body every week or two. Use a soft tape measure and measure in increments of at least an eighth of an inch. The places to measure are as follows: neck, right bicep, left bicep, chest, smallest part of your waist, belly button, widest part of your hips, right thigh, and left thigh. Make sure to write down each measurement and the date you took the measurements.

FOURTH, write down your daily workouts, including the weights used for each exercise. This will help you keep track of any weight and rep increases as you progress. Having this data to look back on is a great indication of the growth and progress you're been making.


Audrey is an ISSA, USAKL and Crossfit Level 1 certified fitness trainer specializing in kettlebells.  She's developed group and personalized training programs for children and adults in weightlifting technique, kettlebell lifting & kettlebell sport. She's all about helping people not only reach their physical training goals but mental and emotional as well. Body-wellness is a key ingredient towards a healthier and happier you. You can find her on Instagram @audreyburgio. 

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