Full-body Kettlebell Workout with Audrey

June 10, 2015 1 Comment


Below is another great, full-body workout targeting your legs, abs, glutes and more and featuring USKL kettlebell sport lifting champ Audrey Burgio.  Want more?  Check-out this fun and popular beginner full-body workout by one of our coach ambassadors Barron Jackson out of Austin, Texas.  

Here are also some practical tips on the deadlift, squat and swing.  Good for review as you dive-in to these and more workouts to come! 

Audrey is training with the PKB Lite.  At 0-15lbs capacity it's a great weight for higher intensity, circuit workouts: Check-it out here.

The PKB Lite is a popular size for high-intensity circuit training, walking/ hiking and perfecting your kettlebell training with a lower weight range: SHOP NOW

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June 14, 2015

Killer workout. im gonna copy this on a 3×5 card so I can remember it , just like the beginner workout. PKB is so. Cool.
Ps Thanks for exchanging my defective PKB 2 wks ago. I mailed the old one back hope you got it from nj. Great company! I hope God richly blessed you and the company success. See ya , out!

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