The Basic 3 Kettlebell Moves: The Squat

May 20, 2015

In our previous post, we covered the Deadlift, a safe and effective way for picking up your kettlebell.  The second movement we'd like to cover is the Squat!

There's so much you can do with a good squat.  It emphasizes the quads and core, as you focus on maintaining proper hip positioning - down and back - while keeping the knees behind and in line with your toes.  Lot's happening here and a great movement for lower-body strengthening and toning.   




  • Begin the squat from the upright position, feet shoulder width apart, heels firmly planted on the floor and toes slightly turned out. 
  • Holding the PKB in the goblet position (resting against the chest), squat in a controlled fashion as far as flexibility will allow, keeping your weight on the heels.
  • Once at the bottom of the squat, use your legs and hip drive to return to the starting position as you did with the dead lift.
  • Keep the heels down, think of pushing them into the floor while driving up with the legs, buttocks and hip. 
  • Make sure your knees stay in line with your feet or slightly outward but not going over them. 
  • If your knees hurt or they are going over your toes, your heels are most likely coming off the floor.

Once again, start with a few reps to develop good form (check the list above). The most common error with the squat is the heels coming off the floor.

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