Results: How I Got Ready to Race in 12-Weeks


Obstacle course racing is in full swing and the OCR ramp-up training program I was put through is complete: )  I managed to go from a fairly average baseline to hammering out two 3+mile races in back to back weekends, finishing in the top 30% of elite level racers in Colorado’s first Spartan Race Sprint for 2015!

Below are the baseline measures I used to get started, plus the Free download of our 8-week OCR Ramp-up training program coming in the next few days!


The 8-week Ramp-up training program was co-developed with K.K. Stewart-Paul, Spartan Race Pro team member and so far 2015s winningest female competitor in Spartan, Battle Frog and Atlas race series combined.  

This ramp-up training program is designed to help get you in shape before the bulk of the season wraps up in the late fall.

First, let’s start with your baseline measure to include the following benchmarks.  Also, checkout our recent post on race prep to be sure you’re physically ready to start training and primed to reach your goal:

  • Max number of push-ups in 1 minute
  • Max number of sit-ups in 1 minute
  • Max number of air squats in 1 minute
  • Max number of strict pull-ups without dropping from the bar (arms straight, no kipping)
  • 1 mile run for time

You don’t need a lot to get started.  A long, heavy rope, pull-up bar, a couple of PKBs and jump rope are plenty to start. Add to that a huge tire for flipping and you’ll have plenty to work with before your first, or next race this season.

Keep in mind, this 8-week program is a time-compressed training protocol. So we’re gonna try to cram as much as we can, as effectively as we can, into 8 weeks. That means Monday thru Saturday you’ll have exciting workouts to look forward to.

It will also mean you won’t want to rely on Doritos and corn-dopgs to fuel up. Leave the junk food and alcohol for the weekends, fuel-up effectively and you’ll find that your time put into training will be some much better spent : )

Finally, here’s how I did on my benchmark testing at the beginning and at the end of my 12-week training program.  A quick note, on the mile run, I actually had to take this test twice.  It takes me a while to warm-up and didn’t reach my stride until 3/4 of the way thru the mile.  A warm-down and second attempt resulted in a quicker and more efficient run.

So if this is you too, be sure to take the time you need to warm-up then put in 100% effort on each benchmark.

                                                               First baseline test:        Final baseline test:
Max number of sit-ups in 1 minute:               28                                  44
Max number of push-ups in 1 minute:           41                                  47
Max number of air squats in 1 minute:           41                                  50
Max number of strict pull-ups:                       13                                  18
*1 mile run for time:                                       8:17                              7:47
(used a Precor treadmill set on an incline of 2)



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