Why Sandbags are King for Whole Body Training

March 25, 2015

Sandbag and unstable load training is starting to re-emerge as King for simple, functional and whole body fitness training.  Period.

Sandbag training isn't new.  We certainly didn't invent it.  For as long as man could fill up a bag with sand and manipulate it as a weight - there has been sandbag training.

Popular among the military, police & fire and the growing functional fitness movement (CrossFit, Obstacle Course Racing), unstable load training has been a goto training routine for anyone who needs to improve strength and agility in unpredictable settings and postures. 

See the video below of our recent sandbag and kettlebell workout with the obstacle course racing Team Luu.  Here's some of what we covered:

  • PKB Burpees
  • Bear Hug Squats
  • Clean and Jerks
  • PKB buddy-toss
  • Sandbag running and more

Again, what is Unstable Load training?  It is the use of sandbags or other sand/water filled weights in combination with complex, compound movement patterns centered around three planes of motion:

  • Sagittal: Front-to-back motions
  • Transverse: Rotational Movements
  • Frontal: Side-to-Side Movements

As Dr. Dave Cohodes of Redline Sports explains in his video below, "think of it as a ring dip versus a traditional dip... we have so much more neurological pathways working in that environment that we get far more strength and stability out of it." 


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