Indoors or Outdoors: Total Body Fit to Race Through Obstacles

February 27, 2015

The beauty of outdoor activities and events like obstacle course races is: you don’t need hardwood floors, fancy equipment or groomed playing fields to prepare and eventually participate.

You can get by with a long, heavy rope, some old, huge tires and a handy dandy pull up bar.

Throw in a jump rope and PKBs and there's not much you can't train to be physically and mentally prepared to rock-out the obstacle course race of your choice.

To help guide you through the process, I’ve volunteered myself as your guinea pig with James Short, founder of TrainOC, as the mad scientist.  He is currently putting me through his custom 12-week program designed to get me from okay-in-shape (check out my baseline results here) to race ready.  

And what do I mean by “race-ready?”  Well, the idea is to have developed the skills and conditioning necessary to race, not just finish ;)

Our first week involved a whole lot of interval based running, upper and lower-body focused functional movements and some skills development, i.e. pulling tires, farmer carrys, rope climbs…

Check out the video below for a sneak peek of some of the fun :)

We trained indoors and outdoors (the weather in Denver has been fantastically sunny!), using a lot of the equipment mentioned above as well as traditional gym equipment - 'cause it was there. 

Through most of our workouts we train as partners, meaning we switch in and out of exercises to keep a steady pace.  There’s something about team physical training like this that takes you to another level in focus, flow and conditioning.  But more on this later.

In the meantime, James is wrapping up a quick-start guide for obstacle course racers (OCR). This guide will be published shortly and offered as a free download - so stay tuned for pending updates and as always look forward to your thoughts and comments! 

Have you ever raced or wanted to race through an obstacle course?


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