Baseline: Getting Started to Compete in OCR

February 06, 2015 1 Comment

Yours truly has begun the process of going from ok-in-shape to competing in at least 6 Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) this coming summer!  

Wait.  What?!  With only 12 weeks until my first race... 

So, how exactly am I going to do this?

First, let me start by admitting that I am kind of a competitive guy...  I have a couple of strategies I’ve used in the past as a ranked amateur triathlete that work and helped me complete SEALFIT’s 50-hour hell-week class 12.  A little more on this later.  Just let it be known, it shall be brought ;)  (pumping myself up - are you pumped!)

Now back to the how: PKB is joining forces with TrainOC, an obstacle course training program run by former Olympic-level wrestler and Army vet James Short.

Having competed at such a high level, James has a few secret training methods up his sleeve that not only work but have worked against some of the best in sports.  Top that with his experience and knowledge over the booming sport of OCR and we have us a little recipe for success.  

James will also be joining me through this training process, all of it beginning with a baseline measure of performance on certain events.  Here is what they are and how I did on each:

1 mile run: we used a Precor treadmill set at an incline of 2.  My time was 8:17

Max number of reps in 1 minute:
Sit-ups:              28
Air squats:         41
Push-ups:          41
Strict pull-ups:  13  (without dropping from the bar)

Not great and not horrible.  Probably pretty average results.  Specially for someone that intends to bring it at a competitive level to OCR this summer.  But it’s a baseline.  It’s my starting point.  And if I can reach a competitive level by summer - then I think most of you out there can too!

Now let’s see what sort of magic James can put together to make racing fun and exciting in 2015!

Stay tuned… because there is a final twist I didn’t mention.  

I’ll be traveling for a chunk of time during these 12 weeks!  So keeping up with my nutrition and training plans while on the road will be part of the challenge ; )

    Look forward to your comments through this process!


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    February 20, 2015

    I drive for a livin and the road is my second home. I wanna see you pull this off!
    Ps I can finnaly fill up my PKB all the way up about 28 lb of sand this thing kicks my butt at work and Wakes me up b4 a long drive. Good luck

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