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January 08, 2015

Comments have been great everyone! Really appreciate the input and feedback from those that shared.

Reading your stories really shows that portable fitness is a real concern for anyone interested in keeping their normal workout routine going while on-the-road for 3 or more days.

Being able to use the same training tool at home AND on-the-road definitely makes this process easier. The special operations trainers with the Marine Corps figured this out.

I´ve also discovered this to be true, and if you already know how versatile a regular iron kettlebell can be for strength and fitness training, then you can imagine how much you can get done with just the Portable Kettlebell when traveling.

Of course you will need to fill your Portable Kettlebell using sand or a similar solid filler, or even with just water if the tub or kitchen sink are more convenient.  The image below shows the PKB empty versus filled.


For those of you just joining the conversation, here´s a quick recap about who I am and how I went from lean and light to not only maintaining my fitness but gaining several pounds of muscle in under a month using just a kettlebell.

When I started sandbag training, I was coming from an endurance sports background.  In other words, I was a thin dude. Even though I was in shape, could run and swim for miles, I wasn´t a weight lifter… at all.

If limited to just body-weight exercises, I could do dozens of pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups. I´m not saying this to brag, but no matter how many of these I could hammer out, it wasn´t the same as weight training.

This reminds me of what a high school coach once shared, “weight lifting is the fountain of youth.” I later discovered this to be true. Not to say that it made me younger but…

Weight training when properly implemented will do more than make you strong. If you do it as part of a fitness regimen, you´ll get fit WHILE strengthening your joints and ligaments.

Picking up stuff actually gets easier, not harder the older you get! Assuming you don´t suffer from joint inflammation or injuries.  I´m not a doctor or pretending to be one, but I have been at the kettlebell game for nearly a decade and felt the results!  I´ve also learned from the best with more experience, certifications and titles to back it up.

The Russians proved that with a regular ‘ole iron ball with a handle (a kettlebell), you could get crazy strong and crazy fit!

Using my iron kettlebell and later my Portable Kettlebell, I learned and eventually could practice cleans, presses, squats, snatches, windmills and deadlifts anywhere, anytime. (I could also do upside down handstands on the road...lol!) All the while being able to easily add or subtract weight, maximize safety and most importantly do it all using an unstable weight.

If you´re not sure what I mean by and unstable weight, I discuss it in more detail in my previous post.   But as I mentioned earlier, the kettlebell has been used by Russians for strength and fitness development for decades.

This is because they figured out how to effectively and efficiently - two words I love - use a single training tool to practice all of the movements I mentioned earlier AND do them in a way that not only develops strength but to also lose weight, get fit and develop muscle tone.

The New York Times best selling book The Four-Hour Body covers this in great detail and offers dozens of testimonials on how effective the kettlebell can be for losing weight.

As a matter of fact, the author Tim Ferriss has gone through the Russian Kettlebell Certification or RKC, where Robert Budd was a seasoned instructor.

Robert is our head trainer and the man behind the PKB New Year training program. You´re gonna’ love what we have in store ;)

I will now, as promised, share with you six very popular Portable Kettlebell exercises. Simply click on the link below for the free download.

If you would like expanded information, please feel free to download our Expanded Quick-Start Training Guide.

These basic kettlebell moves will also prepare you for the PKB New Year training program we will be releasing next week [EXPIRED]. It will be a one-time, limited offer, so keep an eye-out for it. It will include:

  • Great savings on your choice of PKB and accessory
  • Detailed instruction on the Fundamental Portable Kettlebell exercises
  • 6-week Strength development and Weight-loss program
  • and… a little nutrition surprise specially provided by MusclePharm

In the meantime, can you give us an idea of what you use for keeping fit while on the road? This doesn´t have to be a training tool. It could be a special diet, stretching techniques, exercises or all of the above!

Feel free to share in the comments section below or via social media on Facebook or Twitter.

´til then,

John and Team PKB


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