More Than A Kettlebell

December 30, 2014 1 Comment

Made of Ballistic Nylon, the Portable Kettlebell can be used as a replacement for dumbells, weighted balls and more.
The PKB offers you the opportunity to train individually or with partners and can be used in a gym, bootcamp or while out for a run.  And in case you get bored using it as a training tool... here are some unique applications that we've - along with our community of PKBers - have come up with ;)
  • anchor for your tent or dog leash
  • shooting support when down range
  • storage bag when empty
  • seat or back rest when in the field and more... way more!  

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April 26, 2016

Best my name is koen Bouve, i’m starting up a website for surf training and people with back problems (with at les fitness equipment as possible) it would be great to work with your equipment so i can show the world you don’t need a big gym to reach goals in life! Hope we can work together in the future. Regards koen

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