Spartan Race, New Inventory and a Trip Down South

December 28, 2014

We're wrapping up the year with lots of exciting developments in the portable fitness front! 

During the first part of December, our marketing, sales and operations team led by Justin Eberle and Jason Humphrey made their way to Los Angeles for meetings with some of the decision-makers at Spartan Race. We were proud to be an event sponsor during the 2014 Wold Championships in Vermont and are working out our involvement for 2015.


Keep an eye out for possibly a new event featuring the PKBs. And if all goes well, I should be preparing to attend and participate at several races in the late spring and early summer of 2105 ;)

I'm very excited about the prospect and aware it will be no cake walk. Obstacle Course Racing, or OCR, has come a long way in just a few short years and the level of skill and preparation undertaken by the elite competition bracket is no joke.

I had the chance to check-out an OCR skills training course in Colorado Springs with Luu team racer Casey Jindra that covers many of the obstacle events used by Spartan Race. The day we ran the course, Colorado Springs happened to be graced by a cold front that greeted us that afternoon with 20-30 mile per hour gusts and sideways snow - check out the video below ;)

If you've been following our Facebook and Twitter channels, you know that we've been waiting on a long anticipated order of fresh Portable Kettlebells from our overseas manufacturer. Roughly 1,600 units arrived to their domestic warehouse in Sherman, Texas. I made the trip by car from Austin, inspected several and gave the thumbs up :)


We were very pleased with the construction and attention to detail - note the reinforced stitching used on the box-stitch.


You might be wondering what I was doing in Austin, Texas. And the answer has to do with a dog… and not just any dog but my silent partner and unwavering backer: Kai.

He's an eight year old German Shepherd with a vastly wider pool of friends than I do - everywhere we go he's turing heads and very often making the introductions.

He was going stay with my sister and nephews while I traveled to Ecuador to visit family for six weeks. It felt a bit strange boarding the plane with so much recently happening but someone has to further test and develop remote workouts for the Portable Kettlebells ;)

Here are some pictures of the PKB in the hands of a CrossFit coach in Quito Ecuador, at Euforia Crossfit.


Here's to 2015 and a fabulous year of training - anywhere!  Also, keep in mind we are still offering 10% OFF all items on our online store AND have a special surprise coming to you early part of January.  So if you haven't registered for our email newsletter - now is the time!

In training,

John and Team PKB

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