Running out of Shoes

This blog post is an experiment.  Something we haven't tried before but makes so much sense!  

It's a gear review of sorts and would love to field questions or comments about similar gear alternatives you might use.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Training outdoors, indoors, in rest areas, airports, hotels... such a variety of locations opens up a number of opportunities for researching, trying and testing all sorts of related gear.  Like the trail running shoes mentioned in this post, or: hydration systems, compression clothing, video and camera equipment... 

Now back to the trail runners at hand (pictured above and below).

First off, you should note that the caked mud covered shoes in the picture were/are a pair of Merrell Trail Gloves.  Verdict: unstoppable.  Love 'em.  You think because they're next to the replacement shoes, the Saucony Peregrine 4s, that they're life is over?  

You think a little mud and nearly smooth outsoles is going to get in my way of putting another 6 months - nay, twelve months of casual wear into these gloves of foot magic?  

Not at all my PKB family... not at all.  

In come the Peregrine 4s...

With thicker soles but only 4mm drop (the height difference between the forefoot and heel), the Peregrines provide that much more cushioning on rougher terrain while allowing me to maintain the "barefoot" running style I've adopted since using the Merrells.

Suffice to say, I've tested the Peregrines on a couple 3-4 mile trail runs across all sorts of dirt, gravel, lose rocks and protruding roots.  My first thought was: oh my god, why did I wait this long to add thicker sole, shock absorption down these mountains?

The Peregrines were recommended to me by my "shoe guy," well he doesn't know he's my shoe guy yet, but the owner of a local shop impressed with his generous advice and well-rounded options for rugged, dependable trail runners. 

Long story short, the Peregrines have been around a few.  The model I purchased is the fourth generation.  The outsoles are aggressively "treaded" if you can call it that, for gripping looser terrain and also offer solid lateral stabilization.  In other words, I don't feel my foot roll inward as I have when wearing other shoes with similarly thick soles.  

My foot feels secure and in control, not twisting around and unstable anytime a lose stone is introduced beneath the, I must add, rock-plate reinforced soles.  Yup, there's a shank of woven, heavy duty plastic called a rock-plate that helps protect and insulate your foot from the jagged, pointy objects that will at times cross your path.  

Finally, allow me to add that the Brooks Pure Grit were also a strong consideration.  Their sturdy, supportive soles, same 4mm drop and outsole lugs for pretty sweet traction had me convinced these were the pair at first.  But my shoe guy didn't have my size when I returned for a second review and low and behold I discovered and eventually felt the Peregrines offered more stability and a slightly longer track record with fewer needs for modifications than the previous year. 

Upcoming field test: to the summit of Pikes Peak... this year!  I literally have less than a week from the writing of this post before the weather forecast and weather patterns of previous years predict conditions that would not be very favorable... as in several feet of snow not favorable.  

All I intend to be wearing waist down will be shorts, compression leg sleeves for the calves and the recently broken into Peregrines.  Maybe a review on the compression sleeves awaits next... who knows?  Or feel free to share what you're interested in below!  

Fyi, I was not paid nor received any gear or credit for this review by any of the aforementioned suppliers.  That said, I will advise you when and if we receive gear for review and commit that said reviews will continue to follow a similar format: honest, specific to our application and hopefully fun to read!

Stay tuned!


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