New Pricing, Products and Free Shipping

July 23, 2014

Busy, busy, busy... and I wouldn't be without you!  

Yours truly (John Rarity, PKB founder/inventor) has grown our line of products from: sales meetings on a motorcycle and move to Austin from San Diego to... a revamped website, the TANK water bladder and increasing sales around the world. 

Thanks to my business partner and thanks to YOU our customers - the Portable Kettlebell is getting out to more and more people with portable and weight adjustable equipment training needs!

This week, we're negotiating with a much larger manufacturer so we can avoid the delays of last week from every happening again!  And to help us pay for all that inventory... we're linking up with a forward-looking group of investors and distribution gurus out of Denver so we can:

  • continue to pay the bills...
  • finally start to do some marketing!!  

It's all been word of mouth and organically OWNING the search terms Portable - Kettlebell - Sandbags that's helped get us this far: not bad for a start-up with the humblest of roots ;)

Also, with a larger manufacturer we will be able to offer better per unit and package pricing! So stay tuned for that!

Finally, I'd like to offer you some free stuff: PKB Stickers and FREE SHIPPING just for being part of our niche group of early adopters that DISCOVERED US and joined us on this amazing ride from Less than Zero to what it is NOW!

Here's the free sticker promo: STICKTHIS

And simply visit the website to take advantage of our free shipping promo on any PKB and accessory.   

Much love and gratitude to all our PKB peeps.   And please keep sharing and spreading your adventures in fitness!

John R.


In case you've already purchased a PKB but are itching for a second or third... drop us a note through the website - I'll have a special offer set-up just for YOU ;)



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