The AK-47 of Exercise Equipment

May 07, 2014

Dubbed the AK-47 of exercise equipment for its versatility... or maybe just because it sounds cool - the kettlebell is one of the fastest growing and most effective single pieces of weight training equipment on the market!

We love the simplicity behind it and multiple uses it so readily delivers.  Of course... we at Portable Kettlebells may be a little biased.  But that bias is based on experience!  And of course the fact that this amazing training tool was the inspiration behind the Portable Kettlebell.  

So, in the event that you have ever wanted to learn BETTER kettlebell training technique.  Or are NEW to kettlebells and want to get started in the right direction?

Robert Budd, PKB Head Trainer and StrongFirst Team Leader, is leading a one-day SF Kettlebell Course May 24th from 9 - 5pm at Eastside Austin Elite training center in Austin, Texas.  

Of course, Austin may not be home to many of you.  But if it is - here is your OPPORTUNITY to sky-rocket your kettlebell skills development and even get certified with Strong First's follow-up course.  

In order to drastically improve your skills in anything - you have to LEARN FROM THE BEST.  And if you register for any class the Robert Budd has on his roster this year, you will be doing just that!

Finally - if you register before May 15th - you will receive a 25% discount good towards ANY Portable Kettlebell!

Chose from the Large, Regular or our latest member - the Lite!  And there's no maximum number you can purchase!  Based on availability - of course :)

Limit your risk to injury from bad technique and take this class or one similar.   Can't tell you how many folks I've seen and heard of that injure themselves by not taking the time to develop proper technique and increasing weight gradually.  

FYI: PKB will also be publishing a Quick Start Guide very soon that will also help point you in the right direction!

The Quick Start Guide will be an eBook you can download and use to get you ready from basic to advanced movements.  But there's no substitute for LIVE instruction.

Take the guess work out of your training and register for this class if you live or will be in the Austin area - you won't regret it!  Here's the link:

Hope to see many of you there!



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