Keeping up with the WODs

June 07, 2016

Do you CrossFit?

If so, then you probably hate to skip your workouts - right?  I mean, maybe not ALL of them but you know what I mean.  You work hard to make gains, so why let a little travel set you back?!

Do what we do, and make travel part of the WOD!

Fortunately, there are many WODs that are travel friendly and require minimal equipment (if you know which ones to look for).  To make things easier, we're rolling out a Crossfit-inspired blog post series to help you stay fit outside the Box. 

We're kicking off the series this week with "Jeremy"

Here's the original workout:

Three rounds, 21-15-9 reps for time of

  • 95lb overhead squats
  • Burpees

Obviously if you're away from the gym you may not have 95 pounds lying around.  So we recommend any variety of Portable Kettlebells, from two Large (45lb) PKBs to the Standards or Lites.   

The PKBs can be filled with sand or water (using the TANK water bladder).

Check out Coach Audrey's video below as she demonstrates the full workout with the PKB Lite and stay tuned for more workouts in our Crossfit PKB series.  Sign-up below!



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