PKB Sandpit Training™

Athletic programs all over the country, from professional to collegiate, have used sand as a training surface to further enhance and develop explosive, power movements. 

“You have to exert a greater force load to accelerate,” says University of Michigan football strength and conditioning director Mike Barwis. “It means you really have to focus on true extension at the ankle, knee and hip to power yourself out of the sand.”  The force applied when an athlete pushes off sand as opposed to a rigid surface quickly dissipates.  This alters the myostatic reflex in a way that further challenges the utilization of this kinetic energy.

PKB Sandpit Training™ is primarily designed for outdoor training programs with access to a sandy surface such a beach or dune environment.  These would include sand volleyball courts and sandboxes.  

Athletes can use the Portable Kettlebell Sandbag™ to train a variety of explosive, power movements under a variety of weight that is easily scalable.  These would also include: the Deadlift, Clean, Squat, Swing, Snatch, Should Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Turkish Getup and more.

Each movement is further challenged by the inherent instability of the sand-based load.  This shifting-load recruits stabilizer muscle groups in a way not approximated with solid weights, such as iron kettlebell or dumbbells.  

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  • brad mcleod

    We received the PKB Kettlebell Sandbag and all of our athletes at CrossFit Grinder wanted to use it. We are now showing our athletes at SEALgrinderPT the sandbag and they are jacked too.
    brad mcleod

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